Ultra Slim 90's Shades

Ultra Slim 90's Shades

Kendall x Kylie Vivian sunnies $58

Balenciaga Narrow cat eye sunglasses $495


Are 90s inspired "skinny sunnies" making a come back!? You bet ya! Top fashion designers like Adam Selman x Le Specs are all about the new "sunnies" craze! Skinny sunglasses have literally morphed into the tiniest, skinniest silhouette possible. These glasses are giving us "The Matrix" vibes! 

RareStyleNation babes, you know we have to ask... what are your thoughts!?


  • Casey P.

    Love these sleek little shades.

  • Caren parkley

    Great post. I’ve been Seeing all the girls in these this summer ❤️

  • Cool girl kyi

    Have a couple of these myself

  • Holly

    Just seen your new blog alert! So I had to run over and check it out. Yeah the price is high but the shades are hittin.

  • Lydia V

    Yeah this trend is taking over. I wouldn’t wear them myself but they do look cute on a few people. I’m glad you showed different prices too bc I wouldn’t pay more than $50-$60 for a pair of these. Still cute.

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