Has everyday fashion become a hassle?

Has everyday fashion become a hassle?

According to major fashion blogs and style casters, gone are the days of the effortless basic T shirt and jeans. They have been replaced by an upscale fashion forward vibe. Looks that some would consider dressy or formal are now worn on a daily basis. Even if its a quick run to your neighborhood coffee shop or something as simple as walking your dog; looking your best in public has now become top priority! Which leads one to question, is the every day look requiring too much effort? 

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  • Tammy P.


  • Kammy Johnson

    Yeah it has but if u love fashion and putting fits together comes easy to you than it’s not a big super big dead.
    But most ppl don’t and that’s why they be looking super bummy all the time. Lol.
    Good post rare 💪🏾it makes ppl think. ❤️

  • Dylan S

    Dressy is the way to go u never kno who your gonna see.

  • Sydney Palmer

    Yup it has ugh. but I’ll continue to dress up when I want. Jeans and ts for me please

  • Rosalie H.

    Girl, yes! Sometimes it’s hard to even keep up. I like dressing up and all but I prefer my lil quick grab and go looks.
    Bomb post tho nothing but truth.

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