Philly Fashion Week Backstage Styling Assistant

Philly Fashion Week Backstage Styling Assistant

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of participating as a backstage styling assistant for Philly Fashion Week for the second time this year. I truly enjoy my experience every season and although backstage styling is very hectic, its still interesting and fun behind the scenes because you get to see firsthand what it takes to run a successful fashion show. Its also amazing to see how the chaos can create something so beautiful.


 Check out the pictures below 


 Bts with Paragon Charisma 


Philly Fashion Week Day 2 line up

Backstage Pass



  • tara Spencer

    Great blog post love this backstage perspective

  • Kali Guinness

    Its cool to see the happening of backstage. its like you get to see the show from another perspective!!! looking forward to more!

  • Lydia price

    Great post rare keep em coming 💪🏼

  • Nia paltiem

    Great post. Backstage looks super dope.

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